COVID-19 Vaccination Local Rollout Model (CVRM)

CVRM is an advanced modelling solution that supports authorities and organisations responsible for the rollout COVID-19 vaccination to do so accurately and rapidly

The COVID-19 vaccine is welcome news – hopefully, the beginning of the end of the pandemic.

All over the world, health authorities serving cities, regions or smaller communities are gearing up to roll out the vaccines that will protect their local population against COVID-19.

However, there are many practical challenges, such as the logistics of getting the vaccine to the right places and setting up fully staffed facilities.

But there are also complex planning issues – figuring out how many people, in which groups to vaccinate in what order, and factoring in delivery uncertainty.

We observed organisations grappling with these modelling challenges. So we developed the CVRM solution to help them get ahead and focus their resources on vaccination.

Rapid: Customise the model to your local population to evaluate supply and demand and start planning within hours.

Dynamic: Map out the interconnected complexities of vaccination that traditional spreadsheet models cannot do.

Local: Build in the population, workforce and supply dynamics to reflect your local population more realistically.

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Example questions solved

  • What is our capacity and maximum throughput for vaccination?
  • How many people, at any time, are at each stage – still unvaccinated, had the 1st dose, ready for the 2nd dose, fully vaccinated?
  • At what rate are we moving people along those stages – in each group – so we know when we will reach key milestones?
  • How do plans need to change as the rate of vaccine-deliveries changes, or is faster or slower than expected at any time?

Solution packages

Try it out

Free demo version that allows you to explore the model and see how you can use it to support your planning activities. You can also access some video lessons.

Do it yourself

An unlocked version with a complete set of model documentation and how-to videos. The model can be customised to your local population to optimise the vaccine roll-out.

Get a little more help

If you are short of capacity, need to do some advanced customisation or need some support, we are here to provide you with some extra modelling support.

This is a not for profit venture. We are only charging a nominal fee.

Developed in partnership

Key features

Visual modelling

Easy to use with no coding and a visual dashboard for intuitive analysis and reporting.

Dynamic forecasting

The model predicts the rate of vaccination, the resources required and continually reestimates priorities.

Cloud solution

There is no specialist infrastructure required, and data is updated frequently as the actual vaccination is rolled conducted.

support material to kickstart your modelling


Quick and easy to access to the modelling solution via any web browser

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How-to videos to help you customise the model to your local population

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