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UPDATE 09/06/2020 to include data up to w/e May 29th.

Here, Strasys’ Carl Sheldrick provides three views on death rate patterns and the effect of COVID-19, allowing you to explore yourself.

Three interactive data visualisations and my observations

There is a lot of data and analysis in the media right now connected with COVID-19. Here I have built three simple visualisations from the ONS data on weekly registered deaths in England and Wales. Each shows a different perspective on the effect of COVID-19. For each I have made my own observations, but please explore yourself and let me know your thoughts.

Weekly death rates for the past five year, showing the annual pattern of registered deaths.

  1. It surprised me just how similar the pattern is every year.
  2. The dips and spikes are process driven and represent bank holidays (when registration offices are closed)
  3. The COVID-19 spike is big!

Cumulative numbers of deaths registered in the first part of each year.

  1. Taking the total death rate up until week 17 shows that 2018 had a similar tally at this stage of the year to 2020.
  2. Adjust the slider at the bottom to show the total from week 12 to and you can see the effect of COVID-19.

COVID-19 deaths shows the breakdown of deaths by age and place of death, for the recent months.

  1. Hovering over each graph shows the breakdown of deaths related to COVID-19.
  2. Select only COVID-19, to show the sharp increase in deaths due to the pandemic.
  3. There has also been a rise in Non COVID-19 deaths.

A few points to note:

  • This data is based on the registration of deaths and not the day the death occurred and so there is a lag on the most recent data.
  • This dataset is updated weekly (on Tuesdays) and I will look to add the most recent information as it is published.

I have built and shared these visualisations in Microsoft PowerBI.  I am interested to hear any feedback you might have on the presentation of the data or the wider implications of what the data is showing.