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By shifting focus from services to meeting customer needs, a local authority reengineers its transformation programme, simplifying its plans and putting the consumers at the heart of corporate decisions.

Supplying over 40 distinct groups of services to a population of more than 380,000, a council was embarking on a 5-year transformation journey. Having completed all the planning, there was a realisation that the programme was complex and more focused on regulatory requirements and current services rather than serving the needs of the residents. The council wanted to evaluate its plans against how the service changes would meet the needs of residents. It wanted to understand how customer centric the organisation was and if the transformation agenda reflected this.

The Strasys approach

Organisations that structure themselves around meeting the needs of their customers are far more successful in creating value and improving the quality of their service. A challenge for local authorities is their limited resources and regulatory requirements that often take priority in driving the direction of the organisation. This needs to be flipped.

Using Strasys’ customer maturity framework, a review was conducted across all services, the governance structure and the planned transformation to determine how customer centric the organisation was. A combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis, key stakeholder interviews and working sessions were used to evaluate against the framework.

The council also identified a series of hypotheses on the future direction of the organisation at the start of the engagement. These were also tested against the framework. A report was co-produced with a core stakeholder group that provided an overview of the conclusions and recommendations on how the organisation needed to change its operating model and transformation programme to be more customer centric. This was tested in a workshop with representatives from all areas of the council. Finally the report was presented to the senior leadership team.


The outcome of this engagement was the council’s leadership team committing to restructure the transformation programme.  They agreed the key corporate measures to support the organisation in putting the resident’s need at the heart of decision-making, and at the forefront of all service design and delivery.