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A hospital shifts its focus from transactions to meeting patient needs , and reimagines its services to significantly improve its performance and quality of services.

Serving over 200,000 patients with 5,000 staff and a budget of £350m, a Foundation Trust set out to reverse its declining performance and address the growing pressure on services due to increasing demand. In the past, the Trust had attempted a number of ‘traditional’ transformation initiatives, but these had little impact and adversely impacted staff morale. It was difficult to determine if the current transformation activities would make any difference. It needed to shift from making incremental changes to disruptive innovation. Strasys was asked to co-design a strategy and roadmap to improve the Trust’s performance.

The Strasys approach

Strasys setup a multi-disciplinary client team to create a greater understanding of the organisation, which included how services were used, how work was currently done, the challenges and the opportunities.  Using a combination of innovative analytics, and co-production design techniques, the Strasys team worked with the executive team and staff to develop the strategy. A key insight was that a small cohort of patients were consuming the majority of the resources and the Trust needed to refocus its service transformation on these patients i.e. reduce its scope of services in partnership with primary and secondary care. The Trust changed its position from being a general hospital to an organisation providing care for the elderly and cancer patients.

The difference in the approach was looking at services from the patient and staff perspective, and understanding their needs, motivations and behaviours. This ‘human’ perspective enabled the Trust to make sense of the complexity, make difficult decisions, reinvigorate the organisation and determine its future within the wider health and social care system. A dynamic model was also developed to demonstrate how the chosen direction will improve the financial, operational and quality performance of the organisation.


The organisation was able to pivot from making incremental changes to disruptive innovation. The outcome was a 5 year strategy and a single transformation plan for the Trust that delivered more than £100m cumulative savings, increased the focus on patients, improved decision-making, and enabled greater staff engagement. The regulator considered this to be one of the most innovative and forward thinking pieces of work they had ever seen.