Strasys Innovations

Delivering impact through digital innovation

At Strasys Innovations, we invest, innovate and build solutions to take advantage of the pace of digital disruption and data explosion to create meaningful solutions that help transform our clients.

Born out of our consulting arm, Strasys Innovations was setup to build on our experience to develop innovative and disruptive products and solutions. We combine technology, data, advanced analytics, subject-matter expertise, industry knowledge and human experiences to help address some of our clients and their customers’ most critical issues. We are a pioneering asset based consultancy delivering sustainable impact to our clients at speed.

Strasys Innovations brings together an exceptionally talented team of entrepreneurs, designers, scientists, anthropologists,  innovators and industry experts. Together, our mission is to continually challenge the status-quo, experiment, address unmet needs and make digital innovation more accessible.



Personal Proactive Professionalism (P3) is a digital solution that enables the professional to own and manage the evidence of their professionalism. The solution uses data-based evidence to build trust in the professional, save time and create greater focus on their professional development.

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Reijin is a digital platform that provides innovative solutions to help individuals, carers and organisations to improve the lives and outcomes for people living with dementia. Developed with leading scientists and practitioners it provides clinically effective, safe and cost effective interventions.


Tanaba is a cloud based solution that enables you to analyse, diagnose, compare and predict strategic performance of NHS providers in England and Wales. It enables you to objectively ‘pinpoint’ an organisation’s key performance challenges and opportunities.


JinKo is an insight platform that segments a given population into cohorts of individuals with similar needs, behaviours and motivations and then provides deep real-time analytics to how these cohorts are served, their outcomes, resource consumption, cost to serve and future burden of care. JinKo enables evidence based service redesign and system collaboration.