Personal, Proactive, Professionalism

Improving quality of care and professional development through data and digital innovation

A digital solution to support healthcare professionals to create a more structured approach to their professional development, improving the quality of care.


Personal Proactive Professionalism (P3) enables the professional to own and manage the evidence of their professionalism and the employer to engage and nurture them to deliver on their common goals.

P3, an elegant digital solution supported by expert coaching, empowers professionals to control their careers and employers to improve staff engagement and well-being, enhancing the quality of care.

The solution uses data-based evidence to build trust in the professional, save time and create greater focus on their professionalism and career-long development.

Real data: Gather and automate day to day data framed using a comprehensive professionalism definition

App on the go: Input data on the go and review priorities and opportunities; a streamlined professional development experience

AI-driven analytics: Create learning feedback to support professional development using predictive analytics

Real-time: Enable real-time presentation of status for professionals and at the aggregate organisation level

How does P3 work?

Personal Proactive Professionalism
  • Data is collected and arranged into the four defining domains: capability, conduct, collaboration and cost effective use of resources
  • The analytics engine applies data rules and describes the degree to which the professional is developing against the set standards
  • Automated reports are created with prescriptive recommendations and longitudinal analysis
  • Employers, mentor and coaches can review and interact with the insight to collaborate and support the professional’s development

Benefits and value

Empowered professional

P3 supports the individual’s professional development, reduces career risk, and increases compliance with regulatory and professional standards.

Increased trust and confidence

With real-time data and analysis, professionals can save time and focus on evidence based target areas of development, leveraging a peer-to-peer network.

Culture shift in professionalism

The solution instils a culture of professionalism across the organisation, raising standards, improving performance and professional engagement.

Improved performance

Improved employer and professional relationships foster better collaboration and improved use of organisation resources to deliver better quality of services.

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