Dementia devastates people, families and societies. Almost a million people are living with dementia today in the UK, and 1 and 3 born in 2017 will develop dementia in their lifetime. It has massive impact on the economy with spiralling costs of care. It is important we act now.

Strasys teamed up with leading scientists to create a digital platform focused company to address this epidemic. Our mission is to support public and private sector organisations to achieve life-changing healthcare improvements and patient outcomes for people living with dementia through digital innovation.

Leveraging ground-breaking research we are developing a digital platform to deliver highly effective tools, strategies and solutions to improve the lives of people with dementia. These are designed to increase early diagnosis, reduce the variation in treatment and radically delay the onset and rate of progression of dementia towards its severer stages.

Reijin solutions are currently in early trials and we will be officially launching in April 2019.

Maintain sense of wellness

Reduce excess psychological and emotional discomfort

Reduce burden of care

More effective use of resources and reduce costs

Enable integrated care

Better access, early diagnosis and reduced variation in care

Improve outcomes

Delay the onset of dementia and the rate of progression

Key features

Leading edge research and design combining pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments

Peer-to-peer support network for patients, carers and professionals, supported by dementia experts

Digital solutions targeting treatments to the needs and profiles of individual patients

Advanced analytics and simulations engine powered by AI to learn and improve care outcomes

“We are very excited to bring together our international dementia experience and Strasys' track record of innovation in the health and social care. Reijin is already making a difference and are very excited to bring our solutions to the mass market in April 2019.”

Dr. Agnes LeotsakosCo-Founder

“There is so much variation in dementia care currently and the problem is growing. At Reijin we are bringing leading research, our experience of caring for patients and our ability to address this issue to make a tangible difference and address stigma of dementia.”

Dr. Konstantinos PetsanisCo-Founder
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