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Carl Sheldrick, Associate Director and DI Champion, Strasys talks about why you should pop along and see him at Digital Health Rewired 2023 on 14-15 March 2023 at the Business Design Centre, London.

A single version of the truth

Described as the UK’s most exciting healthcare IT event, Digital Health Rewired 2023 brings together the diverse UK digital health community of NHS IT leaders and many others, on 14-15 March. We are thrilled to be joining data specialist Facts and Dimensions on stand G15, right next to the Integrated Care stage.

So why should you come and see us?

We need a newer, fresher approach to solving the NHS’s oldest challenges which can be applied at organisation and system level. And we need to achieve sustainable change, not a series of quick fixes.

NHS CIOs and their teams work in an environment, like many other healthcare colleagues, where they feel buried in workload, with mounting regulatory reporting pressures. They may struggle to retain staff and there is a feeling of disconnect between the priorities of the Board, frontline staff and compliance. Siloed data pockets mean that data resides across many different departments, which isn’t shared or is hard to find.

Challenges impact strategic thinking, hindering the delivery of positive change

Here at Strasys, we know we can identify areas for productivity gains and enable better engagement of clinicians and frontline staff. We do that by providing the ONLY view of insights across all data siloes covering all aspects, such as Workforce, Finance, Performance, Quality, Population, Activity and Productivity.

Current approaches are led by government priorities and regulatory levers. Trusts ask, what does that financially cost us and how are we going to build it, rather than think about shaping services around the population’s needs.

So, what we do is, we think about Bob

Bob is the 70 year old with a heart problem, who also has diabetes and comes to hospital more than others. We flip the perspective and work out how to design your hospital around Bob. What people don’t realise is, you can achieve financial efficiency and regulatory compliance by taking this different approach to designing your strategy.

And whilst doing so we always take the patient perspective.

We will be showcasing Decision Intelligence: DI

Through a combination of machine learning, AI and deep industry analytics expertise and behavioural science, DI helps CIOs and NHS boards to develop insights to unlock trapped value, improve productivity and enhance patient care.

The DI solution comprises three complementary parts:

  1. DI: APPRAISE – Unique and holistic organisation diagnostic
  2. DI: TRAIN – A bespoke package to up-skill your team
  3. DI: VISION – Evidence-based strategy and planning

By applying DI, you get a full appreciation and understanding of the patients’ needs and behaviours to therefore build better services for them.

We chose Strasys as our Digital Transformation Partner because I wanted our digital strategy to reflect the needs of the wider organisation and not just the needs of the IT department. As a Trust, we recognise that sometimes we’re not as data driven as we need to be. Having Strasys’s real life experience and capability in business analysis skills meant we could make more informed decisions on our problem areas in order to prioritise resourcing and improvement activities.

They became embedded into our team and were instrumental in supporting our Board to develop a deeper understanding of where digital solutions and transformation could help transform our Trust. With larger consultancies, it can take a lot more of your time, whereas with Strasys, you can give them a simple idea and they quickly turn it into a fully formed product.

Leroy Adamson-ParksDirector of IT and Digital Services, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

Come and see us on stand G15 – we can show you how we can help your BI team shine!

We are building a DI community. Nationally we’re building a team of likeminded people who apply DI across healthcare in order to share experiences, knowledge and benefit from learning.

Learn more about the event here:

Carl Sheldrick
Associate Director and DI Champion