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Incremental changes to disruptive innovation
Impact Story
June 18, 2019

Incremental changes to disruptive innovation

Serving over 200,000 patients with 5,000 staff and a budget of £350m, a Foundation Trust set out to reverse its declining performance and address the growing pressure on services due to increasing demand. In the past, the Trust had attempted a number of ‘traditional’ transformation initiatives, but these had little impact and adversely impacted staff morale. It was difficult to determine if the current transformation activities would make any difference. It needed to shift from making incremental changes to disruptive innovation. Strasys was asked to co-design a strategy and roadmap to improve the Trust's performance.Strasys setup a multi-disciplinary client team to create a greater understanding of the organisation, which included how services were used, how work was currently done, the challenges and the opportunities.  Using a combination of innovative analytics, and co-production design techniques, the Strasys team worked with the executive team and staff to develop the strategy. A key…
Drug Development
March 20, 2018

A new way to create value in drug development

Biopharmaceutical companies engaged in the process of drug development need to become more adept at understanding the behaviour of both the patient and the healthcare system in which they participate.Companies that successfully incorporate a more human-centric approach will make better, well informed strategic decisions. The skilled application of multi factorial insight from clinicians, buyers and patients themselves will drive disruptive innovation and improve the performance of commercial strategy. Phrases such as “patient centric”, “customer focused” or some variant thereof have become common parlance in the large pharmaceutical companies. Among smaller organisations in the biopharmaceutical drug development sphere, these terms are less ubiquitous with fewer companies actively thinking about the importance of this approach. Strasys’ insight framework (shown below) suggests that many companies ignore the wider opportunities available to identify unmet need in the context of patient journeys and the health system. As a consequence, there remain many under-exploited research opportunities…