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HealthBoard Analytics

Building strong and confident governance in healthcare through decision intelligence

Elevate your board performance with AI-driven insights and expert guidance

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing healthcare landscape, healthcare providers must adapt and optimise their governance to prevent harm to patients and staff.

Strasys HealthBoard Analytics is an innovative analytics solution designed specifically for healthcare organisations, providing a unique perspective on your Board’s behaviour and performance.

Combining AI and contextual insights from multi-professional experts, organisations can see how well they are governed and if the leadership is making a real change, delivering on the purpose of the Board.

Discover how Strasys HealthBoard Analytics can help you create leaner and more effective governance in delivering exceptional patient care.

Prevent irreversible harm by taking early remedial actions and addressing Board uncertainties through a dynamic health check.

Build confidence within your organisation and among regulators with a clear understanding of your Board’s stability and maturity.

Identify governance challenges early, implementing preventative actions based on structured board dynamic narratives.

Enable leaner governance and reduce costs, ensuring regulatory compliance with a deeper insight into your Board and reshaping conversations.

Develop and grow your Board with expert, evidence-based support and guidance from seasoned healthcare professionals, fostering continuous improvement and growth.

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Insights and context provided across five key areas

  • Stability: Assess whether your Board is stable or becoming stale, considering performance.
  • Focus: Identify the conversations your Board gravitates towards and uncover any blind spots.
  • Responsiveness: Evaluate how your Board has responded to significant events.
  • Sentiment: Understand external perceptions and views of your organisation’s governance.
  • Maturity: Determine if your Board is fulfilling its intended purpose.

How we help you

Understand your unique context

Using our strategic analytics platform, our team of senior experts engage in focused conversation with your leadership to determine key areas of investigation.

Analyse your board’s dynamics

We process three years of your board and sub-committee papers through our AI platform and triangulate with your organisation’s performance creating actionable insights.

Provide expert context and plan

Our senior industry experts build on the insights and apply their real-world experience across the NHS to develop the narratives and interventions to strengthen your governance.

Debrief and capability building

Our team debriefs key stakeholders sharing the analysis and recommendations with an option of further coaching and a comprehensive development programme.

HealthBoard Analytics in Numbers

Weeks process from initial meeting
Data sources used to for analysis and creating actionable insights
'Version of the truth' for decision-making

Key features

Tailored solution

Our approach is specific to your organisation’s context, based on discussions with leadership and the Strasys strategic diagnostic analysis.

Evidence based

Recommendations based on our data-driven analysis that combines both qualitative and quantitative data through our innovative analytics platform.

Expert narratives

Our senior team are healthcare experts and has been part of many boards. As a result, they can provide narratives that apply to your unique context.

Board development

We provide a complete capability development solution to build your capability through coaching and training with Strasys Academy.

Get started today

Don’t let your organisation fall behind in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. Seize the opportunity to optimise board performance, enhance patient satisfaction, and achieve cost savings with Strasys HealthBoard Analytics.

Contact us now to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you transform your board performance.

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