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Impact Story

Reimagining health and care around the needs of children

How a leading hospital pivoted from providing services to improving the life chances for children and young people
Mid Cheshire NHS Trust Strategy
Impact Story

Redefining the district general hospital around the consumer

How did an NHS health and care system use data and decision intelligence to reimagine the hospital and make integrated care a reality?
Achieving lean governance through decision intelligence

Elevating board performance through Decision Intelligence

Embracing decision intelligence for more effective boards and governance, improving performance, and patient care

Insights to achieving lean governance in healthcare

Exploring how more confident healthcare organisations have leaner governance and lower management costs

Strasys and Silico enter strategic partnership

An innovative partnership bringing together AI and latest management science to support healthcare leaders to optimise decision-making
The real cost of professionalism in healthcare

Addressing the real cost of professionalism in healthcare

At £85 billion and rising, the NHS carries an enormous litigation cost liability. How can decision intelligence help reduce this burden and improve care?

Define, measure and nurture professionalism

With increasing pressure on healthcare resources, professionalism in healthcare matters more than ever. But can it be measured and nurtured?
Nadeem Moghal

Dr Nadeem Moghal joins the Strasys leadership team

Strasys is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Nadeem Moghal to its leadership team as a Director and Chief Innovation Officer.
Mental Heath

A mental health crisis? Addressing the growing demand

The past is not the best predictor of the future. How using systems thinking commissioners can optimise policy and resources to improves care?
Integrated Care
Impact StoryInsight

Enabling integration of healthcare through population segmentation

Overcoming organisation barriers to integrating care through sophisticated use of data, behavioural science and decision intelligence.

Strasys appoints Dr Leotaskos from WHO to its leadership team

Dr Leotsakos brings over three decades of global healthcare improvement experience across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.
Mental Health

Shifting ‘mindsets’ to address the impact on mental health

Commissioners need to shift focus from planning for services and organisations to meeting the needs of the population.

Health and social care planning in the “new normal”

Lessons from the pandemic that healthcare providers need to build on in delivering improvements in care and outcomes.
Health Infrastructure Plan

How to make a new hospital build programme a success?

New hospital build investment cases must be shaped around models of care and innovative new ways to address population needs.

Patient safety and the ageing patient

Improving safety and care of ageing patients across global health systems. Ideas and discussions with the Saudi Patient Safety Centre.
Impact Story

Achieving a step change in hospital performance and productivity

By shifting the management focus from cost reduction and efficiency benchmarks to improving the 'customer experience'.