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Workforce segmentation analytics: a different approach to people planning, where the focus is on the individual

Effective workforce management cannot be overstated in the face of mounting challenges within the healthcare sector. Recognising this critical need, Strasys, in collaboration with NHS partners, has launched “Thinking Differently,” a webinar series aimed at reimagining healthcare while first focusing on workforce strategies. The objective is to share transformative ideas, where experts converge to share insights and pioneering approaches in reimagining healthcare.

Dame Jo Williams

Dame Jo Williams
Chair, Alder Hey NHS Foundation Trust

A new paradigm in workforce strategy

The inaugural webinar, led by Dame Jo Williams of Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, delved into the opportunities for enabling the workforce to give their best. With the workforce being the most substantial expense for healthcare institutions, Dame Jo Williams challenged the status quo, questioning the depth of our understanding of workforce needs, actions, and thoughts. The discussion shifted towards leveraging data in novel ways to transcend traditional operational metrics, aiming to foster a more nurturing and understanding workplace environment.

Naeem Younis
Founder and CEO, Strasys

Focus on the human stories in the workforce for a step change

Naeem Younis, Founder and CEO of Strasys, brought a personal narrative to the forefront, illustrating how the patient experience is profoundly shaped by the staff’s warmth and empathy rather than the clinical quality of care alone. This anecdote served as a potent reminder that healthcare, at its core, is a human-centric industry. Younis then addressed the diversity within the NHS workforce, advocating for a tailored approach to workforce management that respects and responds to the unique backgrounds and needs of each staff member.

Workforce Decision Intelligence

Learn how to achieve a step change in workforce performance
Melissa Swindells

Melissa Swindell
CPO, Alder Hey NHS Foundation Trust

Delivering results through innovative workforce segmentation at Alder Hey

Melissa Swindell, CPO, with over two decades of HR experience at Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, shared her journey of developing a people strategy that aligns with the organisation’s vision. By re-evaluating traditional workforce metrics and integrating qualitative and quantitative data, Alder Hey has achieved notable improvements in staff satisfaction and retention. Swindell’s strategy exemplifies how understanding and acting upon the nuanced needs of the workforce can lead to substantial organisational benefits.

Heather Barnett
CPO, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Liverpool University Hospitals' strategic shift using innovative workforce analytics

Heather Barnett, CPO of Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust discussed the imperative of adapting workforce strategies to meet the needs of a diverse community. Barnett highlights the importance of removing barriers and fostering collaboration across departments to enhance productivity and service delivery. Through intelligent use of workforce data, Liverpool University Hospitals are crafting targeted HR interventions that not only retain staff but also build a robust workforce capable of meeting patient needs.

Dr Nadeem Moghal
Chief Innovation Officer, Strasys

A learning organisation and decision intelligence: the key to resilience

Dr Nadeem Moghal critiqued traditional staff development programmes, advocating for a learning organisation approach. By focusing on understanding and addressing the unique needs and inequalities within the workforce, organisations can improve productivity, reduce staff turnover, and enhance team dynamics. Moghal’s insights underscored the importance of integrating all forms of data to inform decision-making and create a more resilient and effective workforce.

A unified call to action

The webinar concludes with a call to action from the speakers, urging healthcare leaders to prioritise workforce investment, engage directly with staff, foster executive collaboration, and embrace innovative thinking in people planning. These recommendations reflect a consensus on the need for a comprehensive and nuanced approach to workforce management that places the individual at the centre of planning efforts.

Watch the webinar for further insights from the speakers, including a Q&A session.

Future directions

“Thinking Differently” represents a seminal effort in the quest to address the complex challenges facing healthcare workforce management. Strasys and its NHS partners are at the forefront of this initiative, offering a beacon of hope and a roadmap for other organisations to follow. By fostering a culture of innovation, empathy, and strategic insight, the series not only aims to solve immediate issues but also to inspire a shift towards more effective healthcare systems worldwide.

As the series progresses, participants and observers alike are invited to attend future webinars, which promise to delve deeper into the multifaceted aspects of healthcare management. Through shared knowledge and collaborative effort, the “Thinking Differently” series aspires to catalyse change, improve healthcare delivery for patients, and create more fulfilling work environments for staff.

Learn more about Strasys’s unique partnership with Alder Hey to elevate children’s healthcare globally.

Join the Strasys “Thinking Differently” webinar on 4 June 2023: Unlocking value in healthcare and reimagining productivity through new perspectives, featuring Hoan My. Sign up here.

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