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Better Decisions, Better Healthcare. Strasys Analytics propels organisations beyond traditional business intelligence into enlightened decision-making.

In a data and AI-driven world, Strasys Analytics’ Decision Intelligence (DI) platform enables healthcare leaders to ask the right questions, deliver the right answers and transform their data into actionable insights to improve health and care outcomes.

Don’t just follow; lead. Join the next phase of the analytics revolution with Strasys Analytics.

Decision Intelligence

DI is a different way of thinking about and interpreting data for more confident decision-making, linking the frontline to the boardroom.

Leveraging a decade of R&D, our decision intelligence (DI) merges machine learning, AI, industry expertise, and behavioural science. This unique blend helps healthcare organisations to unlock trapped value, boost productivity, and enhance patient care.

HealthBoard Analytics

Evaluating board dynamics, performance and risk management

Elevate your board performance with AI-driven insights and expert guidance.

Workforce Decision Intelligence

Segmentation Analytics to improve productivity, wellness and retention.

Step into a future of more effective, human-centred workforce planning in healthcare.

“I don’t know anyone else who can do what Strasys does. The population segmentation analytics is a game changer. It was the first of a number of real light bulb moments for the Board.”

James Sumner, CEO, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS FT, UK (current position)

Strasys Analytics’ Decision Intelligence solutions break down data silos and place human judgement at the core of decision-making, helping avoid overwhelming analysis and shifting focus from past trends to proactive, forward-looking insights.

By the end of 2023, over 33% of large organizations will be implementing Decision Intelligence, including Decision Modeling. Global uncertainty coupled with increasing complexity is accelerating its adoption in operational and strategic deployments.



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