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November 29, 2022

Strasys and Silico Partnering to optimise decision-making in the health and care sector

Strasys have formed a strategic partnership with Silico, a business process Simulation platform. Healthcare leaders will now benefit from being able to simulate different scenarios across whole health and care systems, through the use of a digital replica. Integrating Silico’s business Process simulation (BPS) with our advanced analytics and modelling will allow data Digital Twins of healthcare systems to be created. This will enable Strasys’ clients to model the outcome of different decisions across populations rather than organisations. This partnership will enable integrated care systems and boards to model future changes, offer an ability to monitor processes and envisage issues, enabling proactive interventions, whilst saving money and time.  Providing repeated value over time with a process model that is quicker and more efficient than waiting for project outcomes. Advanced AI-Powered ‘what-if’ scenarios are enabled by this partnership demonstrating the impact of change within an organisation or system. This removes two…
Vision 2030
September 22, 2021

Transforming health care in KSA

As part of its economic and social reform strategy, Vision 2030 , KSA is transforming its national health care service. This is an ambitious program designed to deliver an integrated health care system at the very heart of which lies the health and wellbeing of the country’s population. A complex multi-year transformation, it is an exciting opportunity to reimagine healthcare. Strasys Arabia is supporting this transformation by helping to develop the Accountable Care Organisations (ACO) responsible for managing the health and social care of the patients in their ‘clusters’. A crucial element of our support is our commitment to developing local talent and capability. Get in touch to learn more. Moaaz Khanani Director MENA Naeem Younis Managing Director
Nadeem Moghal
May 4, 2021

Dr Nadeem Moghal joins Strasys

Strasys is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Nadeem Moghal as a Consultant and Executive Coach. Nadeem joins Strasys with over three decades of a uniquely varied medical and healthcare leadership career in the public and independent health sectors. A strong learning and reflective foundation underpin his practical experience in leading change and transformation. The contrast of his early experiences, a privileged education despite growing up as a young refugee in some of the most deprived neighbourhoods of 1970s England, have shaped his values and set his drive. He studied medicine with an international cohort of students in 1980s Dublin, obtained his postgraduate training, later complimented by a degree in management. In the process he has developed a global, holistic, patient-centred perspective on healthcare management. As a Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist, he has led numerous regional services, improving collaboration and measurably raising both the quality of service and patient outcomes.…
August 18, 2020

Demystifying consulting: exploring a career as a management consultant

Aliyah Butt, who is reading Economics at Trinity College, Cambridge, completed our summer intern programme and shared her experience.After my summer placement at Strasys, I developed a much greater appreciation for the variety of disciplines within the consulting sector.In these uncertain times, I was unsure exactly how I would be able to make an impact and interact with the team virtually.  However, I was pleasantly surprised. The team were very welcoming, the programme was well structured, and online collaboration was much easier than I had thought. I was also surprised by the flat hierarchy within the organisation. For example, I was working directly with the senior leadership team, which gave me an excellent opportunity to learn more about running a consulting organisation.Following my induction, I was immediately immersed in a project, analysing the digital health and life sciences sector in the Middle East, with a specific focus on Saudi Arabia.…
July 9, 2020

Building a better future together

Building on a strong track record, and deep industry and functional expertise, Strasys Arabia will support governments and organisations to spark change and deliver positive impact on organisations, economies, and society. In a post-covid world, organisations are facing new challenges but also opportunities to innovate. Blending digital and human capabilities, Strasys Arabia will empower organisations with the right tools and capabilities to succeed and build a sustainable future. Strasys has been in Saudi Arabia since 2018 and is delighted to open its first office in Jeddah.Strasys has been challenging conventional thinking and delivering meaningful impact through a multi-disciplinary approach to solving problems. “We are going through unprecedented times with increased uncertainty and complexity,” says Naeem Younis, Founder and Managing Director, Strasys. “To deliver positive impact, we need to go beyond traditional approaches and think in the ‘new’. Combining our human-centric approach to strategy and transformation, we are able to help…
June 29, 2020

Strasys appoints Dr Leotaskos from WHO as a Senior Consultant

Strasys is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Agnès Leotsakos as a Senior Consultant and Executive Coach. Dr Leotsakos joins Strasys from the World Health Organization (WHO) where she has been leading global healthcare improvements across Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. She has over 20 years of experience supporting governments build stronger healthcare systems and improve health services. A highly respected Public Health Consultant, Dr Leotsakos has helped healthcare leaders to challenge conventional thinking and improve quality and safety  of services and healthcare outcomes. Passionate about addressing healthcare inequalities and improving care for the ageing, she also co-founded an NGO. She is a regular public speaker advocating on health system improvement and has published over 90 papers. At Strasys, Dr Leotsakos will be providing strategic and leadership support to our clients in transforming health and social care systems, improving population health and wellbeing, and living in the post-covid world.…
March 18, 2020

Strasys statement on COVID-19

COVID-19 is a humanitarian and societal crisis of unprecedented speed and scale. Health and social care systems are under enormous pressure.  Strasys would like to thank the NHS and Care Workers for their heroic efforts on the frontline, keeping our health system operational through this unprecedented time. Strasys' key priority is the health and safety of our staff.  We are following the COVID-19 guidelines provided by the Department of Health and Social Care, and Public Health England. Our consultants are working remotely, and we are well practiced in collaborating through a virtual workplace. Together with our clients, we are ensuring all business critical activity is delivered. We continue to monitor the current advice from the government on travel and social distancing. Innovating and improving healthcare has been core part of our business, and we continue to dedicate our services to support health and social care systems through these uncertain times. We…