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Workforce Decision Intelligence

Redefining healthcare workforce planning, one human story at a time

Shaping the future of healthcare through workforce segmentation analytics

How can healthcare executives overcome the limitations of traditional approaches to do more effective workforce planning, boost productivity, enhance staff wellbeing, and reshape care?

Welcome to Workforce Decision Intelligence (WDI). Developed with the NHS (UK), this groundbreaking workforce segmentation and analytics solution revolutionises workforce planning.

WDI combines the latest AI and simulation methods to paint a true picture of an organisation’s workforce’s needs and behaviours, enabling precise interventions.

Discover how to develop evidence-based workforce plans, increase staff engagement, and turn integrated health and care systems into a reality; join the workforce planning revolution.

Improve staff wellbeing, build greater empathy, increase productivity with a more motivated workforce, and reduce absence and turnover.

Create comprehensive insights into your workforce, allowing for more confident evidence-based planning and securing the investments needed.

Build internal capability to think differently about workforce challenges and new innovative approaches, reducing reliance on external support.

More efficient planning by breaking down organisational silos, fostering cross-functional collaboration and alignment in workforce planning.

Multiple perspectives on your workforce

A What are the needs, behaviours and motivations of the staff?

B  How are the staff adding value and contributing to improving patient outcomes? How efficiently and at what cost?

C What is the staff sentiment and mood, and how can we improve the quality of work and wellbeing?

D What are the underlying workforce dynamics, and how does this vary across the organisation and why?

E Where are the opportunities to improve work and deliver the organisation’s objectives, and what is the economic opportunity?

Key features

Workforce segmentation

Unique workforce segmentation analysis for a better understanding of staff, their needs and behaviours, productivity and team working, with actionable insights.

Multi-dimensional data

Sophisticated triangulation of data across the organisation combining both qualitative such as staff surveys and quantitative data, including socio-economic data.

Plan and optimise simulator

Road-test, validate and prioritise plans and interventions with the inbuilt benefits and economic case simulation engine, optimising investment and reducing risk.

Connected forward looking analytics

Cross-functional and service analytics to create a unified view of how effectively work is done across the organisation to deliver value and outcomes for patients.

Workforce Decision Intelligence in numbers

x Return on Investment
Weeks to deliver tangible value
Potential cost reduction opportunities

The process

Discover and analyse

Rapid data gathering with minimum effort and process through the WDI platform to create segmentation analytics interactive dashboards.

Apply analytics to design solutions

Model and develop the evidence base to determine strategic opportunities and evaluate current priorities and transformation initiatives.

Agree story, plan and engage

Engage leadership, develop workforce value propositions linking to the organisation’s objectives, and leverage cross-industry innovations.

Build and sustain capability

Annual subscription to Strasys Academy, where we provide a coaching and training programme complete with a peer-to-peer support network.

Get started today

Don’t wait for change; lead it. Get in touch with us to revolutionise your workforce planning and management with Workforce Decision Intelligence.

Contact us now to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you transform your workforce management.

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