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Strasys Academy is a transformative platform for leaders in healthcare with a peer-to-peer support network. We develop future leaders and help them to master cutting-edge ideas, foster self-reliance, and enhance their leadership skills.

Our goal is simple: to make healthcare better for everyone, reducing inequalities and helping communities thrive.

Join our community to build a healthier future for all.


Our uniquely curated programmes bring together multiple sciences, cutting-edge solutions, real-world experiences and disruptive ideas to help leaders think creatively and solve the most difficult challenges in healthcare. 

Led by experienced leaders and subject matter experts, each programme delivers the practical transformational skills, toolsets and the ability to enact significant change.

Mission Ready Leaders

Summer 2024

Shaping the next generation of healthcare leaders. A 9-month immersive programme, with a focus on practical learning with personalised guidance and a unique peer-to-peer support network.

International Health Executive Leadership Development

September 2023

An enriching learning experience for global leaders in developing healthcare economies. A blend of theory and practical learning, engage with the latest thinking and ideas in transforming healthcare.

“The programme is completely different to what I’ve experienced before in all my training. It has really changed me.”

2022 Cohort

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Prof Sir Muir Gray
Becky Margiotta
Prof Jonathon Gray
Dr Nadeem Moghal
Dr Larry Jones-Esan
Dan Cooke
Dr Agnès Leotsakos
Louise Donaghy

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Dr Nadeem Moghal

Director and Chief Innovation Officer