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Strasys “Thinking Differently” Webinar Series

Unlocking value in healthcare and reimagining productivity through new perspectives

Moving the conversation from cost reduction to improving value

Date:  4th June 2024
Time:  12:30 – 13:45 (UK)
Location:  Virtual


Our second webinar will discuss new approaches to closing the performance gap. It is no secret that the healthcare systems such as the NHS face significant financial pressures. For many years, a key response to financial shortfalls has been pursuing cost improvement programmes (CIPs) to deliver substantial financial savings. This has spurred a lucrative market in supporting organisations to get a ‘grip and control’ over their finances.

Do these approaches work? Why is the issue of efficiency and productivity worsening with all the investment and intellectual capital? Is there an alternative, more effective approach?

We will examine current practices and suggest better ways to achieve long-term sustainability based on empirical research and experience. Our international panel will share a multi-sectoral perspective on how to think and do differently to deliver better value for staff, stakeholders, and the consumer.

We will cover

  • The science, behaviours and human stories driving the financial performance in healthcare, focusing on the NHS (UK) as an example.
  • The effectiveness of traditional cost improvement programmes and turnaround directors and their unintended consequences.
  • Alternative approaches, evidence-based solutions and data-driven intelligence create value and fuel the improvement in healthcare outcomes.

The speakers

Prof Sir Muir Gray
Emeritus Fellow of Green Templeton College, Oxford, UK

John Grinnell
Managing Director and CFO, Alder Hey Children’s FT, UK

Dr Dilshaad Ali
Group CEO, Huon My Medical Group, Vietnam

Mark Jennings

Mark Jennings
Chief Solutions and Services Officer, Strasys, UK & MENA

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Strasys “Thinking Differently” Webinar Series

In collaboration with our partners, we are bringing the best thinking and insight to tackle the problems that need to be solved urgently.

Our webinars provide a laser-sharp focus on solutions through short, powerful and practical presentations and debates.