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A healthier future for all


Strasys provides a succession of lightbulb moments

“The analysis was the first time I saw the lightbulb go on with the board and the executive team. We’ve got this really good, understood, owned and embraced analysis of what we think our population needs.”

CEO, NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Strasys puts forward a different way of thinking to unlock and design a different future through a unique combination of advanced analytics, scientific rigour and personal empowerment.

A leading analytics and innovation agency, Strasys has partnered with over 40 NHS organisations, governments and other health and life science organisations across the UK and internationally, impacting the lives of 50m+ citizens.

With a richness of skills and expertise, spanning over three decades, Strasys moves health and care system thinking away from compliance and process management to customer experience management.

Turning data into decision intelligence, at Strasys, we enable leadership teams to place the right people in the right places to do the right jobs with the right resources, services and capabilities, resulting in a healthier future for all.

Strasys challenges the status quo

“Some of the individual trust board members actually reflected on it being some of the best NHS advisory work they had ever seen done. We’ve come up with a plan, one that is very different to the one that we would have arrived at had we not worked with Strasys.”

Director of Planning and Strategy, NHS Healthcare Trust, UK


  • Looking for an alternative to traditional consultancy
  • Wanting to partner with a specialist analytics and innovation agency
  • Buried in workload and bombarded with multiple priorities, which is impacting strategic thinking
  • Wishing to join a leadership and capability-building programme with a difference
  • Needing scientific rigour and relevance to make sense of your challenges
  • Fed up with not being listened to and need support to ask the right questions of the data to deliver the right answers to the Board
  • Looking for a chance to grow with us and change in career

Achieve your potential, work with the best people and make a real difference in creating a sustainable future.

Get to know our diverse and experienced team that is at the heart of what we do and our culture.