Tomorrow’s solutions, today


Strasys enables organisations to make a
positive difference to the lives of the people
they serve and create greater economic value.

 Tomorrow’s solutions, today


Strasys enables organisations to make a
positive difference to the lives of the
people they serve and create greater
economic value.

innovate, adapt, grow

We partner with global brands, governments, startups and public sector organisations to help them navigate and innovate in complex environments. We enable them to challenge conventional thinking, cultivate deep insights, change mindsets, create innovative strategies and solutions, and embed the capabilities and behaviours to succeed.

Our impact

I cannot recommend Strasys highly enough! They are a breath of fresh air in a world of the big consultancies and the myriad of wannabes. Their very ‘human’ approach and ability to see the wood for the trees really helped us to make some critical strategic decisions with confidence.

CEO, NHS Hospital

Already established as one of the lead innovators in our field, we knew we had to evolve to be able to substantially and profitably grow. It was a pleasure to work with Strasys because their pragmatic and immersive approach enabled us to enhance our operating model whilst maintaining the values and behaviours that had made us so successful.

Managing Director, Financial Services

Strasys' work was inspirational! They helped our board to develop a deeper understanding of our business, create a clear path to achieve our objectives, build consensus with the senior leadership team and improve our relationship with our regulators.

Chairman, Healthcare

We had been lost in a world of operational efficiency, process and box ticking. To deliver a real step change in performance, Strasys helped us to challenge our perceptions and refocus on what matters most – our customers. We were able to identify unseen opportunities and simplify our transformation agenda.

CFO, Community Care

How we do it

We help our clients to create a greater understanding of the human and economic dynamics within their ecosystem and create truly transformative change by connecting the dots between their consumers, staff, business and markets. Our work is powered by our unique combination of deep industry knowledge, scientific rigour and empathy.

Discover new insights and opportunities for meaningful innovation

Seeing the world through the lens of people is at the core of what we do. Using a multidisciplinary approach and immersive learning we help organisations to understand previously unseen connections between the needs of their consumers, staff and business. Cutting through the noise, we equip and inspire our clients to uncover valuable and commercially sound opportunities.

Develop transformative solutions and strategies based on uncommon sense

Taking a whole ecosystem view of an organisation, we triangulate consumer, capability, finance and operational insights to co-develop disruptive solutions, create insight-led strategies, as well as redesign operating and business models. We reconnect the organisations to the consumers and staff and determine the real value and future opportunities for all stakeholders.

Plan and execute with renewed efficiency, simplicity, focus and confidence

Our industry experience and facilitative approach helps boards, executive and operational leaders to develop the confidence, purpose and capability to create a simplified and focused plan for execution, gain commitment to change and to rapidly get the organisation to deliver at pace.

Embed capability and behaviours to sustain advantage

From day one we help organisations to identify and embed changes to the behaviours, internal governance and talent management systems required to build a fast response capability and support the transformation journey. We transfer our knowledge, methods and tools to our clients to help them become self-sufficient and continue to execute with confidence.

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