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International Healthcare Executive Development Programme

Own Your Future, Build the Future, and Inspire Positive Change

Date: 4 – 8 SEP 2023
Location: York St John University London Campus
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Programme type: on location


Location: YSJ campus, London

Start date: 4 September 2023

Duration: 1 week, full-time

Target audience: healthcare leaders across the Middle East and North Africa

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Global Healthcare Leadership

The International Healthcare Executive Development Programme (IHED) is designed to equip senior healthcare leaders with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives necessary to navigate the complex and rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

Our comprehensive 5-day program will empower you to own your future, build the future of healthcare, and inspire the world as a thought leader. Covering essential topics such as leadership, finance, resource optimisation, quality and performance improvement, decision intelligence, and technological disruptions. You will also engage in personal reflections to foster deeper insights and practical applications to solve your organisation’s key challenges.

Key Benefits

  • Learn from industry experts with lived experience, blending academically founded insights with real-world problem-solving.
  • Focus on addressing real-world challenges and issues, not just theory, to drive meaningful change in your organisation.
  • Build a community of learning and doing, fostering collaboration among senior healthcare leaders to shape the future of healthcare.
  • Develop new ways of thinking, leading, and influencing change in the dynamic healthcare environment.
  • Enhance your ability to create impactful strategies and lead your organisation with purpose and vision.
  • Emphasise the importance of human judgment in a world increasingly driven by data, analytics, and AI tools.
  • Own your future by staying ahead of emerging trends and challenges in the healthcare sector.
  • Build the future of healthcare by driving innovation and creating lasting, positive change.

Why Choose the Programme?

The International Healthcare Executive Development Programme offers a unique learning experience that combines expert instruction, interactive sessions, case studies, and panel discussions.

Our faculty comprises experienced healthcare leaders and industry experts who will provide practical insights and guidance.

This program is specifically designed for senior healthcare leaders, ensuring that the content and discussions are relevant and impactful for professionals with extensive experience.

Key features:
  • Regional Focus: Tailored for healthcare leaders in the Middle East and North Africa, addressing unique challenges and opportunities specific to the region.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covers a wide range of essential topics, providing a holistic understanding of the healthcare sector and its future direction.
  • Practical Application: Emphasizes real-world problem-solving with case studies, interactive sessions, and insights from industry experts with lived experience.
  • Personal Reflections and Growth: A personal reflections session allows participants to internalise learnings and develop actionable plans.
  • Customised Experience: Offers a more intimate and personalised learning experience, ensuring individual attention and support for each participant.

Day 1: Introduction to International Healthcare Management and Leadership

  • Welcome and icebreaker activities
  • Setting goals and expectations for the programme
  • Overview of international healthcare management trends and challenges
  • Global healthcare systems and their impact on management practices
  • Leadership styles and their application in healthcare
  • Emotional Intelligence and its role in effective leadership
  • Building high-performance teams in healthcare organisations

Day 2: Healthcare Finance, Economics, and Resource Optimisation

  • Understanding healthcare finance, budgeting, and financial management
  • Economic evaluation of healthcare interventions and programs
  • Risk management and financial sustainability
  • Strategies for cost control and resource optimisation
  • Optimising the use of healthcare resources
  • Workshop: Developing a financial plan for a healthcare project

Day 3: Quality, Performance Improvement, and Decision Intelligence

  • Principles of quality management in healthcare
  • Performance measurement and benchmarking
  • Introduction to decision intelligence and systems thinking
  • The role of data analytics in informed decision-making
  • Workshop: Applying decision intelligence and systems thinking to healthcare scenarios

Day 4: Digital Health and Technological Disruptions

  • Overview of technology disruption in healthcare: key trends and challenges
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain in healthcare
  • Cybersecurity, edge computing, IoT, and 5G in healthcare delivery
  • Quantum computing: Potential impact on healthcare and future applications
  • Panel discussion: preparing healthcare organisations for technological disruptions

Day 5: Healthcare Policy, Ethics, and Capstone Project

  • Overview of health policy development and implementation
  • Ethical considerations in healthcare management
  • Health equity and social determinants of health
  • Navigating the complex regulatory environment in healthcare
  • Personal reflections
  • Peer and facilitator feedback on personal reflections and course participation
  • Programme evaluation and closing remarks

Learning to Think Differently

A world-class faculty combining leading research and practical experience to bring groundbreaking ideas and innovations in healthcare management. Our faculty includes academics, board members and executives within the industry with deep knowledge and experience of the MENA market.

Dr Nadeem Moghal

Director and Chief Innovation Officer, Strasys International

Louise Donaghy

Director of London Campus, York St John University

Naeem Younis

Founder and CEO, Strasys International

Dr Amir Keshtiban

Head of Programme, Business, York St John University

Dr Larry Jones-Esan

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business and Global Health Management, York St John University

Admissions Criteria

This programme is specifically designed for senior healthcare leaders, ensuring that the content and discussions are relevant and impactful for professionals with extensive experience.

To get the most out of the programme, we are looking for the following:

  • Professional Experience: Participants should have at least five years of experience in the healthcare sector, focusing on leadership or management roles.
  • Current Leadership Role: Participants should hold a senior leadership position, such as a C- level executive, director, or department head.
  • Regional Focus: Participants should work within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The program is tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities healthcare professionals face in this context.
  • English Proficiency: As the program will be conducted in English, participants should have a strong command of the language, both written and spoken, to effectively engage in discussions, case studies, and other interactive sessions.
  • Commitment to Learning and Growth: Participants should demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning, professional development, and personal growth, as well as a willingness to engage in the program and collaborate with other attendees actively.

Application Process

You can apply using the link below. Because availability is limited, we encourage you to apply as early as possible. Admission is a selective process based on your professional achievements and organisational responsibilities.

  • You must complete and submit the online application.
  • The York St John University Executive Education department will contact you by email to acknowledge receipt of your application and will provide information about the programme dates, sending of materials, and bank details needed to pay the course fees.
  • Once payment is confirmed, you will receive an email confirming your place in the programme. You will also receive access to the preparatory coursework materials you will need to complete before the programme begins.

If you have any questions our Client Services manager can help you at any stage of the admissions process. Contact a programme advisor via email at

Fee, Payment, and Cancellations

We have three convenient and flexible packages to suit your needs:

  • Tuition– £3,950, which covers tuition, course materials, and lunches during the programme.
  • Travel+ – £6,950, as Tuition package with travel included (flights and accommodation)
  • Premium – £9,950, as a Tuition package with luxury travel (business class and premium accommodation)

Please note that your place is not confirmed until you have paid your fee.

Cancellations received within 20 days before the program launch are subject to a fee equivalent to 50% of the package price.

Programme content, dates, schedule, fees, technology platforms, and faculty are subject to change.

Join us to deepen your understanding, broaden your perspectives, and elevate your leadership in healthcare.