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Strasys discuss Integrated Care at Hoan My Medical Group Healthcare Transformation Government Roundtable

A healthcare transformation roundtable hosted by Hoan My Medical Group on 14 June convened over 50 domestic and international experts, including Vietnam’s Ministry of Health, provincial health departments, public hospitals and leading healthcare experts, to share best practices and innovative healthcare models.

The discussion focused on supporting the transformation of Vietnam’s healthcare sector and its potential to become a healthcare hub for the ASEAN region.

In March, Strasys announced a partnership with Vietnam’s largest private healthcare network, Hoan My Medical Group, to bring unparalleled international standards of healthcare to Vietnam.

Vietnam’s health sector faces growing demands for treatment and care due to population growth, aging demographics, and improved living standards. Dr. Duong Huy Luong, Deputy Director of the Department of Medical Service Administration, Ministry of Health highlighted challenges from the dual disease burden (infectious and non-communicable diseases), increasing mortality risk and societal burden, necessitating rapid transformation and enhancement of the healthcare system at all levels.

Vietnamese people spend about 2 billion USD annually on medical treatment abroad, potentially rising to 3-4 billion USD. To become a regional healthcare centre, Vietnam needs comprehensive solutions focusing on high-quality professionals, robust infrastructure, specialised services, integrating medical tourism, digital transformation, research and development, innovation, streamlined administrative procedures, and enhanced cost competitiveness.


Dr. Dilshaad Ali Bin Abas Ali, Group CEO of Hoan My Medical Group added “For a patient-centric model, system design plays a crucial role as it determines the success or failure of efforts to enhance patient experience. The operation of the home and hospital care model requires effective data integration, involving logistics and understanding and utilising data. Moreover, service quality must be measured and actions clearly defined.”

Dr. Nadeem Moghal, Chief Innovation Officer and Mark Jennings, Chief Solutions & Services Officer of Strasys, discussed integrated healthcare systems and practical lessons in transitioning from traditional care models to effective and sustainable healthcare services on a large scale.

They showed that many of the integration challenges come from how healthcare systems have formed top-down, through regulation and institutions, rather than originating from consumer (patient) needs.

By understanding patient needs and working backward to re-design the system, integration and significant efficiencies can be achieved. Nations with less established healthcare infrastructure have a key role to play in championing new health models built around the needs of the healthcare consumer and the possibilities of modern precision medicine and distributed service models.

The Strasys strategic partnership with Hoan My aims to shape the culture of healthcare in Vietnam. This venture reflects a shared commitment to science, health, and equity in building healthier and thriving communities.

Strasys work has been recently recognised by the industry, receiving the gold award for “Best Consultancy Partnership with the NHS” and bronze award for “Best Healthcare Analytics Project for the NHS” at the HSJ Partnership Awards 2024; and winners in the HealthInvestor “Public/Private partnership of the year” award. Read more 

Check out the Strasys “Thinking Differently” webinar series featuring leading healthcare experts from the UK and overseas.

Notes to Editors


Strasys is a leading analytics and innovation agency founded in 2015. It partners with healthcare organisations, systems, and governments across the UK and internationally to build healthier and thriving communities.

At Strasys, we put forward a different way of thinking to unlock and design a different future through a unique combination of advanced analytics, AI, scientific rigour and personal empowerment.​

With a richness of skills and expertise spanning over three decades, Strasys moves health and care system thinking away from compliance and process management to customer experience management and become learning organisations.

Our mission is to enable leaders to innovate and make informed decisions to place the right people in the right places to do the right jobs with the right resources, services, and capabilities, resulting in a healthier future for all.



Hoan My Medical Group is Vietnam’s largest private healthcare network with 14 hospitals and six clinics providing comprehensive services across its Hanh Phuc and Hoan My brands. With a workforce of more than 5,000 dedicated professionals, it serves more than five million patient visits a year.

Hoan My Medical Group is committed to delivering care with heart to patients across Vietnam, shaping the culture of the medical industry by increasing access to healthcare, setting new standards of clinical excellence, and pioneering innovative treatments and services.