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Strasys welcomes Dr Nadeem Moghal to its Leadership Team

Strasys is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Nadeem Moghal as a Director and Chief Innovation Officer.

Nadeem joins Strasys with over three decades of a uniquely varied medical and healthcare leadership career in the public and independent health sectors. A strong learning and reflective foundation underpin his practical experience in leading change and transformation.

The contrast of his early experiences, a privileged education, despite growing up as a young refugee in some of the most deprived neighbourhoods of 1970s England, have shaped his values and set his drive.

He studied medicine with an international cohort of students in 1980s Dublin, and obtained his postgraduate training, later complemented by a degree in management. In the process, he has developed a global, holistic, patient-centred perspective on healthcare management.

As a Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist, he has led numerous regional services, improving collaboration and measurably raising both the quality of service and patient outcomes. This experience drove his subsequent practical and academic leadership journey. By re-designing care systems to focus on patient-led, prevention-driven services, he has delivered transformational outcomes across primary, community, acute and regional health organisations and a national specialist mental health service.

He has held multiple senior leadership roles, including Specialist Advisor on Strategy and Change, Chief Executive, Chief Medical Officer and Non-Executive Director with multiple public and independent sector organisations. His primary focus has been the classic triumvirate of challenges: leadership, culture and engagement.

A few years ago, a prolonged battle with cancer forced Nadeem to take a career break. There are easier ways to take one, but he managed. Eschewing the attractions of retirement, Nadeem returned to health services to do what he loves most: working with people, organisations, and ideas to serve those who need the best the service has to offer and to instil the highest levels of professionalism across his teams.

“Organisations are facing transformational changes. To successfully navigate the increased complexity and uncertainty, leaders must reposition and reimagine their organisations. This requires new thinking, courage and foresight. I am delighted to have someone of Nadeem’s experience joining our Leadership Team to help our clients address their most pressing challenges and deliver positive change for society”, Naeem Younis, Founder and Managing Director, Strasys.

At Strasys, Nadeem will provide strategic and leadership support to clients working to transform health and social care systems, improve the quality of care, deliver excellent clinical outcomes and enable effective boards.

He will also lead the development of the Institute of Professionalism – a digital capability designed to empower professionals and their organisations to accelerate both careers and growth.

Nadeem holds an MBA from Newcastle University, has learned from and worked in health services as far apart as New York and Tokyo, served as a Fellow at the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement and has worked with the Institute of Healthcare Improvement in Boston, a defining stint that has set him on his current path. As a member of the NHS Leadership Academy, he attended Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. He regularly contributes to the British Medical Journal and the Health Service Journal.

Nadeem Moghal