What We Do

Make a difference

Today’s environment is constantly disrupted by rapidly evolving consumer needs and behaviours, changing technology, new economic realities and the pace of regulatory change.

At Strasys we have developed methods and tools that help our clients master these disruptions and innovate. We go on a journey of discovery and design, developing pragmatic solutions and embedding the behaviours to succeed.

Through our collaborative approach, we enable our clients to deliver benefits faster and make a positive impact on their ‘ecosystem’.

Building sustainable health and social care systems

We work with regulators, providers and commissioners of health and social care services to make a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of the population they serve.

National health and social care systems

We help national  systems to improve health and social care outcomes for their population, improve access to services, improve quality of care, use resources more effectively, and deliver better patient experiences.

Our work spans from policy, strategy structural reforms such as designing and implementing integrated care systems and accountable care organisation, to getting organisations to implement disruptive new ways of working.

Integrated care and service transformation

We support our clients to design and deliver integrated care to meet the needs of the population they serve, sustainably and at pace. We enable collaboration between organisations, build compelling cases for change, gain commitment to transform, and build the capabilities and nurture the behaviours to succeed.

From individual pathways to models of care, our clients are able to reimagine services around the individual needs, behaviours and motivations of the patient and deliver value at scale.

Insight led strategy, planning and performance improvement

We help healthcare commissioning and provider organisations to make the most effective decision, design strategies, implement transformation plans and build capabilities based on rigorous evidence and analysis to deliver improved care and patient outcomes, sustainably.

From designing and implementing, strategies, cases for change, operating models, organisational enhancements to coaching, we help organisations to improve quality of care and boost performance.

Intelligent analytics and digital innovation

We help our clients to create actionable insights to enable better decision-making, create operational transparency, redesign services and improve productivity. Building on over 10 years of experience and R&D, we use advanced analytics together with our resident clinicians, data scientists and anthropologists to make sense of complexity and ‘humanise’ data.

Digital health is opening new possibilities for consumer and healthcare organisations. We help our clients to leverage the latest digital developments and implement the required capabilities, operation models and infrastructure to realise the benefits from digital disruption.

Unlocking value from digital transformation

We help our clients create change that matters through digital transformation and bringing together the capabilities needed to grow and thrive in the digital age.

Digital strategy and transformation

We collaborate with our clients to identify emerging digital opportunities, determine potential value, and how their business needs to change to fully realise the benefits of digital. Through our immersive approach we take our clients from initial visioning through to development of experiments, proof of concepts and pilots to industrialisation of digital operations.

Data and analytics

We combine machine learning and AI  with deep industry, analytics expertise and behavioural economics to help our clients develop insights to unlock value and outpace their markets. Co-creating with our clients, we help them create unique strategies and tools to unearth meaningful insights from data and turn those into competitive advantages.

Digital organisation

We work with leaders to build digital organisations that add real value to their business. We help our clients to help think through and implement the structural, leadership, operating model, capability and cultural changes needed to create a competitive advantage.

Complex IT transformation

We support our clients to develop a clear strategy, build consensus, align the organisation and operating model and provide the change management support to deliver complex IT transformation. We bring an independent and collaborative style to work to deliver a transformation that is really owned by the business.

Reimagining businesses and mastering disruption

We help organisations to redefine their strategy, codify behaviours for success and transform their business models to build a competitive advantage.

Business strategy

We help our clients to develop a deeper insight into their markets and customers, identify their unmet needs and the required changes to their services and business models to better serve their customers. With this insight we co-create a clear path to gain competitive advantage that is both shared and committed to across the organisation.

Business and financial modelling

Using advanced modelling and business simulation techniques we help our clients to reframe and solve complex problems, and support decision-making. From exploring the options, through to aligning different views on the best way forward, developing  a business case, making complex decisions or overcoming organisation bottlenecks, we enable our clients to get to the issues and solutions rapidly.

Product and service redesign

We bring a human perspective to help our clients redesign their product and services and create new customer propositions. Combining advanced analytics with a greater understanding of the needs, behaviours and motivations of customers we create an immersive experience to develop disruptive customer centric solutions.

Investment and performance optimisation

We help our clients to make effective decisions, optimise their portfolio and maximise opportunities from existing investments. Using our proprietary decision support tools and analytical models, we help our clients to diagnose, evaluate, develop strong cases for change and implement changes to delivering measurable performance improvement.

Transformation and sustainable change

We help organisations to implement their strategies and transform their businesses through designing, executing and delivering large scale and complex programmes of change.

Behavioral change and organisation development

We help organisations to optimise their organisation model and embed the behaviours required to build a fast response capability and support the successful implementation of the transformation, and strengthen both short-term performance and long-term organizational health. We transfer our knowledge, methods and tools to our clients to help them become self-sufficient and continue to execute with confidence.

Design and mobilisation

We help our clients to turn great strategies and ideas into a successful programme that delivers. We co-develop the programme design, structures, governance, and provide both the capacity and capability to successfully deliver the programmes of change that fully aligned to the corporate strategy.

Programme assurance and turnaround

We collaborate with our clients to help them unblock change and accelerate their transformation journey. Building on extensive experience and tools, we provide a level of reassurance and pragmatic steps to get a programme back on track and deliver measurable impact with renewed focus. We also take on leadership roles to steer a programme and build our client’s capability.

Leadership development and coaching

We help teams and organisations achieve their goals through our naturally collaborative approach has not. We also enable individuals to grow and achieve their objectives through direct coaching by our professionally qualified consultants. We also create bespoke leadership development courses aligned to organisation strategy.