Make a difference

Strasys enables organisations to outperform in their markets by putting customers at the heart of their strategy design and organisational behaviour.



Making a positive difference to population health and wellbeing



Delivering impact through digital innovation


Today’s environment is constantly disrupted by rapidly evolving consumer needs and behaviours, changing technology, new economic realities and the pace of regulatory change.

At Strasys we have developed methods and tools that help our clients master these disruptions and innovate. We go on a journey of discovery and design, developing pragmatic solutions and embedding the behaviours to succeed.

Through our collaborative approach, we enable our clients to deliver benefits faster and make a positive impact on their ‘ecosystem’.

Create new perspectives and actionable insight

We help develop deep understanding of our clients’ customers, organisations, markets and services and explore alternate futures. We leverage latest innovations in big data and AI with human science and behavioural economics to create a multi-dimensional perspective

Create greater customer focus and advocacy

Using applied anthropology and quantitative analysis we help our clients to connect with their customers, developing a deep understanding of their needs, behaviours and wants. We help identify their unmet needs and the required changes to their business models to better serve their customers.

Innovate and develop customer centric solutions

We humanise the redesign of services and creation of new customer propositions going beyond the functional perspective. We help create greater empathy between customers and employees resulting in disruptive solutions and stronger commitment to change.

Enable disruptive strategies and new business models

Combining deep analytics, applied anthropology and behavioural economics, we help organisations to redefine their strategy, codify behaviours for success and develop innovation capabilities. We help transform their business models and improve performance.

Make change happen and build transformation capability

Through ‘learning by doing’ we help organisations embed the right culture, behaviours and capabilities to unblock change and innovate by putting customers and staff at the centre. Through rapid and iterative experimentation our clients improve their performance, at pace.

Engagement examples

Enabling the creation of an accountable care system consisting of health care, social care and commissioners to better meet the care needs of the population it serves.

Developing the growth strategy for a global renewable energy provider to increase its market share and make its value propositions more relevant to its customers.

Redefining a hospital’s business model to better meet the needs of its patients and the growing demand, without compromising quality and patient experience.

Designing a new operating model and organisational behaviours for a global investment fund to drive superior customer experience at a lower cost.

Developing an innovation capability for a healthcare provider to discover and design disruptive consumer solutions to improve operational and financial performance.

Improving the quality of customer experience for a leading media company through better understanding its customers needs and behaviours.

Supporting a biodegradables energy renewables company to become the lead innovator in its field.

Transforming a global airline’s operating model and technology base to deliver a new generation of innovative customer services and experiences.

Enabling the reconfiguration of NHS provider services across multiple providers through better understanding of patients.

Developing and improving a hospital’s end of live patient care experience.

Our Service Lines

We work with regulators, providers and commissioners of health and social care to make a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of the population they serve. We enable them to make fundamental changes in the provision of health and social care through creating greater customer focus.

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We work with leadership teams in the private sector to help create disruptive strategies and solutions to stay ahead of the competition. Our work spans across various industries from aviation, communications and hi-tech, financial services, life sciences, resources, retail, to family run businesses and start-ups.

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We invest, build and launch innovative digital products and solutions leveraging our experience of transformational change. Our objective is to harness the power of the big data, AI and digital to develop more meaningful, accessible, affordable and disruptive solutions enabling fundamental change in how work is done.

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