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What We Do

Healthier future for all

Strasys provides advanced solutions focused on getting the right people in the right places to do the right jobs

“We traditionally write strategies about how many more knee operations or cataracts we are going to do. This was more about, let’s turn this on its head, asking what the population’s needs are?”

Chief People Officer, NHS Foundation Trust, UK


Evidence-based strategy, planning and transformation

We work with regulators, providers and commissioners to build sustainable health and social care systems to make a positive difference in the health and wellbeing of the population they serve.

With over 15 years of experience helping NHS boards with their strategic development. We put forward a different way of thinking to design a different future, challenging organisations around the real challenges and population needs.

We have supported CEOs to understand their ‘business’, consumers, and ecosystems to reimagine and improve their services in an economically sustainable way. Through insight-led decision-making and objectivity, we enable organisations to cut through the complexity and politics.

Our offer is unique. No one else does what we do regarding true systems thinking, healthcare expertise, real-world experience and dynamic analysis.

Provide strategic insights the Board really needs

We help healthcare commissioning and provider organisations to make the most effective decision, design strategies, implement transformation plans and build capabilities based on rigorous evidence and analysis to deliver improved care and patient outcomes sustainably. We build the confidence of leaders to make the right decisions to improve the quality of care and boost performance.

Drive positive change to support the organisation and system's objectives

We support our clients to design and deliver integrated care to meet the needs of the population they serve sustainably and at pace. We enable collaboration between organisations, build compelling cases for change, gain commitment to transform, build the capabilities and nurture the behaviours to succeed.

Build the courage and confidence to make the right decisions

We help leaders to create actionable insights to enable better decision-making, create operational transparency, redesign services and improve productivity. Building on over ten years of experience and R&D, we use advanced analytics with our resident clinicians, data scientists and anthropologists to make sense of complexity and ‘humanise’ data.


Decision intelligence, turning data into actionable insights

With so much data and a sea of tools, how do you avoid analysis paralysis and see the wood for the trees? How do you shift from a rear-view mirror perspective to forward-looking insight that helps you to embark on the right course of action?

Building on over ten years of experience and R&D, we use advanced analytics with our resident clinicians, economists, data scientists and anthropologists to turn data into decision intelligence. Our real-world experience and unique triangulation of data through systems thinking perspective helps leaders create the foresight to solve existing problems in new ways and take on future challenges.

We break down the data silos and close the gap between frontline staff, the board and the regulator in using data for decision-making. We have a strong track record of enabling innovation that otherwise would not have happened with the traditional approach.

Take a different view of your data

Building on our many years of experience and combining multiple techniques and methodologies we are able to shine a new light on your organisation.  We present your data with new perspectives and all insights are supported with suggestions on what next.

Maximise value from your data investments

With the significant increase in investment in data, are you making the most of your data? We combine machine learning and AI  with deep industry, analytics expertise and behavioural economics to help you maximise your data’s value and unlock the trapped value. We help leaders create unique strategies and tools to unearth meaningful insights from data and turn those into value-creating actions.

Help your team engage with clinicians and frontline staff

We investigate real-world problems by creating a single version of the truth using our proprietary analytic tools. This enables frontline staff, clinicians and managers to build the confidence to work towards common goals.


Building leadership capability and self-reliance

Solutions alone are not enough to develop sustainable healthcare systems. We need to build leadership and management capability. The Strasys Academy combines cutting-edge thinking with practical experience to provide high-impact education programmes.

Current interventions to develop leadership are inadequate with theoretical, mandated programmes, with limited access to good quality professional development. As a result, leadership is largely isolated, self-taught and experiential and lacks support to apply to learn. Mission Ready Leaders is an intensive, challenging leadership and capability development programme designed to create hope, fun and thinking space. We develop highly skilled, resilient, future-proofed health and care leaders ready to build a new future.

Strasys runs Decision Intelligence education aimed at teams who have access to, manage, handle or report on data. Probably working within finance, BI, and workforce, we enable managers and teams to use data in a different way, apply insights and make it more relevant to the organisation’s challenges, and maximise the value from data.