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Agreement signed to enhance decision intelligence in the healthcare industry through business process simulations

Strasys have formed a strategic partnership with Silico, a business process Simulation platform. Healthcare leaders will now benefit from being able to simulate different scenarios across whole health and care systems, through the use of a digital replica.

Integrating Silico’s business Process simulation (BPS) with our advanced analytics and modelling will allow data Digital Twins of healthcare systems to be created. This will enable Strasys’ clients to model the outcome of different decisions across populations rather than organisations.

This partnership will enable integrated care systems and boards to model future changes, offer an ability to monitor processes and envisage issues, enabling proactive interventions, whilst saving money and time.  Providing repeated value over time with a process model that is quicker and more efficient than waiting for project outcomes.

Advanced AI-Powered ‘what-if’ scenarios are enabled by this partnership demonstrating the impact of change within an organisation or system. This removes two of the key challenges within healthcare planning, information silos and ineffective departmental information sharing. By bridging data gaps across populations and regions, we can now reduce risk and improve care and quality for patients and staff.